The scope of audits is determined according to your requirements, and generally includes:

  • Evaluation and revision of marketing strategies and systems and assessment of the extent to which they cope with the requirements of the external environment
  • Audit of marketing activities of the individual elements of the marketing mix
  • Analysis of business mission, corporate and marketing goals: clarity, measurability as a basis for planning and control; Correspondence of the company’s position and the capabilities of the environment; realism, clarity and compliance with marketing goals, corporate goals and strategies
  • Marketing strategy – condition and compliance of the environment: clarity of wording and acceptability of the strategy; persuasiveness and mobilizing force; compliance with the economic situation; adequacy of market segmentation criteria
  • Accuracy and appearance and behavior of staff; hygiene and safety at work; compliance with corporate standards and rules, general impressions of the inspector, and may include other elements, depending on your needs.