We are specialized in identifying clients, organising meetings and communicating with them and know how to arouse the interest of a potential client.

Will enable you to present your products and services to customers who have a potential interest.

We identify your target customers

We create a profile of your ideal target customer:

  • Branch, location and other criteria set
  • Reliable potential customers for your business that bring better returns and respond well to high quality proposals and service
  • Creating an action plan and implementation of mailing list
  • Establishing a list of criteria and objectives
  • We identify sources of contacts and database management

Specially developed for the needs of our company web-based software allows optimal realization of different types of projects.

  • Research over the phone in order to analyze potential markets, customer satisfaction and brand recognition
  • Negotiating of business meetings for sales teams
  • Campaigns to identify potential corporate clients, causing initial interest and arranging business meetings
  • Campaigns for Customer Retention
  • Up-sales & Cross-sales – Sales of new and additional products to existing customers
  • Notification of current / potential customers and partners for occurring and upcoming events
  • Apply techniques for writing advertising messages to generate customer inquiries
  • Calls after sent direct mailing
  • Survey attitudes and expectations of customers

Trade intermediary

We offer you a trader who will meet your desired customer and will acquaint him with your product or service. His strength is to achieve successful negotiations by conducting effective meetings.

  • Telephone calls to arrange meetings with target customers
  • Use open questionnaires to gather more information on the attitudes and expectations of the client
  • Making representative meetings with senior managers – if necessary
  • Presentation to the customer and negotiating a deal
  • Implementation of techniques and rules of negotiation
  • Close the deal after negotiations (win-win)
  • Establishment of trust relationships and subsequent focus on the necessary perspective
  • Researching the competitors and highlight the differences, advantages and superiority

Follow-up actions

  • Signing of contracts
  • Follow-up contacts and relationships with customers
  • References of other potential customer contacts

After a meeting between you and your potential client we provide after-care for the client.
In this way you will be informed about what the customer expects from you and in what terms, whether the customer is willing to continue negotiations and is it necessary to spend extra time and energy for that customer.

Thanks to our experience we have in business negotiations, we will provide you with the right approach that would help you realize your sales goals.

Complete Marketing Service
The overall marketing service and building an effective marketing strategy is a process that starts with a precise and thorough analysis and goes through the setting of goals and allocation of resources.

We can be useful with a range of services in the field of strategic marketing:

  • Professional marketing advice and guidance
  • Business analysis, in-depth knowledge of industry, competition, Comparative reports
  • Elaboration of complete short-term and long-term strategies based on the results of the preliminary analysis and oriented towards the objectives set
  • Preparation of recommendations and selection of channels – marketing
  • Implementation of the campaigns with the latest marketing tools – digital and conventional
  • Measurement and reporting of results during the campaign and subsequent analysis

If you have not yet created your first marketing campaign or have made an experience that has not met your expectations, ask professionals curious to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of your business.

    Virtual commercial representative

    The virtual presentation of goods in the global Internet space, with which each manufacturer has the opportunity to present their production in a regional or globally.

    The service is suitable only for merchants with full rights for international sales, as well as for producers with a capacity for production. The ability to offer goods virtually provides manufacturers a chance to sell more without a physical presence in specific markets.

    We will create an exclusive virtual image of your products – from photo presentation to communication and information materials.

    Presales presentation materials

    Consultation and guidance on the proper structure and content of the presentation to your potential customers.
    – Compliance with basic presentation rules can enhance boring informative content.

    Advertising bookmark – recipes for elegant sales.
    Do you have something to demonstrate or explain? Don’t talk – show it in the most appropriate way.

    Make them notice you by standing out from the mass of advert in space.
    – Create a word map – Find the shortest path to your customers with the right messages.

    Communicate in the language of your customers with the appropriate means of expression, combining the specifics of your business services with the exclusive sales offer.