We are a team of ambitious professionals who are constantly seeking and implementing the right practices in order to attract new customers and develop sales.

We can provide the link between you and your potential customers and acquaint them with your business mission and vision.

We will present your capabilities and motivation for partnership and business development and will support your efforts in bringing the benefits of your products and services.
We will present your company to the client with the whole knowledge that you have about your business, combining it with proven techniques, new techniques in the field of negotiation and sales.

Make your day a Business day
As a leading provider of marketing and sales services Business Day is your partner for professional new customer acquisition and the continuous development of existing customers. We see ourselves as a flexible resource developing new sales potential and increasing the efficiency of your sales. Our expertise ranges from Lead generation to customer development through the activation of cross and up-selling potentials on to after sales support and contract renewals. Therewith, our performance is not only qualitative but also based on your sales cycle far beyond those of our competitors. The passion of our sales specialists is the sales and lead generation: We can make your day a Business day.