We offer you a trader who will meet your desired customer and will acquaint him with your product or service. His strength is to achieve successful negotiations by conducting effective meetings.

  • Telephone calls to arrange meetings with target customers
  • Use open questionnaires to gather more information on the attitudes and expectations of the client
  • Making representative meetings with senior managers – if necessary
  • Presentation to the customer and negotiating a deal
  • Implementation of techniques and rules of negotiation
  • Close the deal after negotiations (win-win)
  • Establishment of trust relationships and subsequent focus on the necessary perspective
  • Researching the competitors and highlight the differences, advantages and superiority

Follow-up actions

  • Signing of contracts
  • Follow-up contacts and relationships with customers
  • References of other potential customer contacts

After a meeting between you and your potential client we provide after-care for the client.
In this way you will be informed about what the customer expects from you and in what terms, whether the customer is willing to continue negotiations and is it necessary to spend extra time and energy for that customer.

Thanks to our experience we have in business negotiations, we will provide you with the right approach that would help you realize your sales goals.